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We facilitate low interest short terms loans to ensure traders have more products to sell. This will help you grow your businessfaster, by always having access to the needed finances to expand your operations.


Payment Options


Buy Goods on Credit with our Loan Facility

cash on delivery

Cash On Delivery

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Pay in Advance with Secure Payment Gateways


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When can I start borrowing?
After you have completed your first initial order
How much can I borrow?
First loan amount to be availed is N10,000. This can be increased with time
Do I need more money to expand my business, what is the maximum amount I can ask for?
You will be eligible to loan increasing amount of money for your business as you order for more products through our platform. We will use the average monthly turnover over the immediate last 3 months to ascertain how much you can borrow up to a maximum of N500,000
Do I need collateral to borrow money?
No collateral is needed, however you will not be availed cash and can only use the loan to procure products for your store through our platform
What Interest Rates and fees will I be charged?
Our fees are competitive and determined by our financial partners, this will be communicated to you, and you will be required to accept the terms before the loan is made available.
What is the duration for the loan?
Loans are given only for a 30 day period, and can be renewed only after paying up